Downtown Racine Corporation

We are the Downtown Racine Corporation

Our mission is to foster economic, social, and cultural diversity by stimulating business development, programming events, and marketing downtown to the community, developers, and tourists. It is our vision that Downtown Racine, with its scenic lakefront and historic Main Street, is the true heart and economic engine of our community; a vibrant and diverse destination to live, shop, explore, and conduct business.

We are a dedicated 501(c)3 nonprofit, that strives to continually enrich the vibrancy and appeal of Downtown Racine. With a focus on fostering a lively atmosphere for living, working, and leisure, we spearhead the economic development initiatives, enhance the environmental and aesthetic appeal, and actively market our downtown to both residents and tourists alike.

Our event programming is central to bringing life and energy to the heart of Racine. In 2018, we proudly joined the ranks of over forty Wisconsin Main Street Communities, a designation that grants us access to an array of educational resources, training, and tools crucial for our revitalization efforts.

As the sole organization wholly devoted to the prosperity and dynamic spirit of Downtown Racine, we are committed to ensuring that it not only thrives but also becomes a beacon of community and innovation.

Recent Achievements of Downtown Racine Corporation (DRC):

  • Dynamic Business Expansion: We have been instrumental in significantly growing downtown business presence with an impressive influx of new establishments: 23 in 2019, 10 in 2020, 33 in both 2021 and 2022, and 11 in 2023. This growth has culminated in Downtown Racine now proudly hosting over 100 diverse restaurants, pubs, retail shops, galleries, and 3 museums.
  • Event Central: In 2023 alone, we organized and hosted more than 80 free events, attracting over 80,000 visitors to Downtown Racine, thereby fostering community engagement and local tourism.
  • Prestigious Designations: We are honored to be recognized as a Wisconsin Main Street Community and an affiliate of the Main Street America™ program by the National Main Street Center, underscoring our commitment to revitalizing and preserving historic downtown areas.
  • Art and Culture Pioneer: For 22 consecutive years, we have uniquely positioned ourselves as one of the few communities nationwide to host a public art project annually, demonstrating our enduring commitment to cultural enrichment and artistic expression.


Tim Mason, Express Personnel
Vice Chairman
Austin Schultz, Plumb Gold and Plumb Silver
Tricia Blasko, Racine Art Museum
Barry Fries, Johnson Financial



Dimple Navratil, Dimples Imports, Chair of Business Support
Michelle Sweetman, SC Johnson, Chair of Main St. Committee
John Rooney, Commissioner of Public Works, City of Racine
Jeff Coe, 1st District Alderman
Casey Morgenson, Racine County
Marci Bruley, Marci’s on Main
Ralph Malicki, Malicki’s Piggly Wiggly
Tim Ryan, Mt. Royal Investment Group
Eric Dogans, 2 SwiftSuits
Corey Coleman, Midwest Boaters Club
Michael O’Connor, Dominion Properties
Scott Monroe, Riverside Marine
Meagan Petersen, Reefpoint Brew House
Megan Haapanen, Lakeview Pharmacy of Racine
Janna Parr-Coca, Tangles Salon Studio
Doug Geurts, Hovde (Breakwater 233)


Executive Director
Kelly Kruse
Email: Kelly Kruse

Office Manager
Alexandra Riley
Email: Alexandra Riley

Events Manager
Yolanda Coleman
Email: Yolanda Coleman

General Information


Downtown Racine Corporation Office
425 Main Street, (262) 634-6002