Business IMprovement District #1

Business Improvement District Downtown Racine

The Downtown Business Improvement District #1 (BID) was formed in 2002. The BID is managed by the Downtown Racine Corporation.

BID funds have been used to provide the following Downtown amenities:

  • Cement Flower Pots & Hanging Baskets
  • Public Service Ambassadors
  • Weekend Roving Security
  • Sidewalk Cleanup, Weed Spraying and Sweeping
  • Seasonally Changed Street Light Banners
  • Graffiti Removal
  • 7 Day a Week Visitor Center
  • Holiday Lights and Tree
  • Downtown Visitor Guide
  • Multi-Platform Marketing of Downtown

Board Members

  • Andrew Dodge, Chairman (Downtown Employee)
  • Jeff Coe (1st District Alderman, Ex Officio)
  • Joey LeGath (Business and Property Owner)
  • Walter Williams (City Economic Development Director)
  • Ed Scharding, Treasurer (Business and Property Owner)
  • Dean Rosenberg, Secretary (Business and Property Owner)
  • Mark Levine (Downtown Property Owner)
  • Michelle Schimian (Business Owner)
  • Kelly Kruse (BID Manager)