Thank you for checking out our online auction of the rocking chairs which will be open to bid on from September 1 – 10, 2022. This fundraiser helps us to fulfill the DRC’s mission to foster economic, social, and cultural diversity by stimulating business development, programming events, and marketing downtown to the community,

All bids are 100% tax deductibles.

Please check back on September 1st to begin bidding! Bids will start at $300 and will increment at $25.

Brenda Lois – Rocking the Beatles

Located at Downtown Racine Corporation

Chelsey Cacciotti – Giardino di Buttoni

Located at Downtown Racine Corporation

Connie Meredith – Southern Comfort

Located at Lakeview Pharmacy

Evergreen Academy – Drip

Located at RG Natural Babies

Hailey Fischer – Lazy Daisies

Located at Baird

Jessica VandeLeest – Rocking the 90’s

Located at ZMac Transportation

Liz Gage – Norwegian Rosemaled

Located at Northern Lights

Liz Gage – Sunflower Dreams

Located at Tangles

Nancy Barthuly – Navigating Racine

Located at Reefpoint Marina

Nicole Zimmer – Space is the Breath of Art

Located at Johnson Outdoors

Paul Muckler – Rockin’ Robin

Located at Mr Eye Dr

Paul Muckler – Wisconsin Rocks!

Located at Dewey’s

Bill Reid, Vicki Schmitz, Holly Wolf-Mattick, Prairie School Art Dept. – Flyover States

Located at Plumb Gold

Rachel Hankwitz – Wildflowers

Located at Plush

Samantha Moe – My Oasis

Located at Baird

Shannon Gegare – Rockin’ Rhymes

Located at Sugar Shack

Tara Schmidt – Sounds of Spring

Located at Design Partners

RYOCF Persons in Care – Not Titled

Located at Crosswalk Park

Thanks to generous sponsors, the following 8 chairs will stay in Downtown Racine year after year.

Danielle Frees – Setting Sail

Located at Sam Johnson Parkway

Craig Welch – Rocking to the USA

Located at Uncorkt

Marcia Baxter and Margie Bong – Sit N Seek

Located at Inmoxicated

Rebecca McGowan – Reflections

Located at Root City 262

Elizabeth Stalman – The Patriot

Located at Dimples

Jil Radke – Rockin’ Our Way to Vacay!

Located at Divino Gelato

Kelly Witte – Rad to the Max

Located at Johnson Financial

Peg Ducommun – Release the Krackin’

Located at Johnson Financial